Water Pumps

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  • 12VDC Premium Demand Diaphram Pump (Fin Cooled Motor) – Shurflo

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  • High Pressure Demand 115V Water Pump -Shurflo

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  • Pump Controller 24V DC – Shurflo

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  • Shurflo – 12V DC Water Pump

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  • Shurflo – 12VDC Bypass Water Pump

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  • Shurflo – 24VDC Bypass Water Pump

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  • Shurflo – 24VDC Submersible Pump

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Water Pumps – For Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Applications

In remote locations, solar water pumps are widely used to pump water for cabins, crop irrigation, livestock, and other industry applications. Raysolar has a wide range of DC & AC water pumps like the Shurflo water pump, pump controller, bypass water pump & submersible water pump. Some solar water pumps can accept the DC power directly from the solar modules, without the need for batteries. Contact Raysolar to speak with a technician and find the right water pump for your application.

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