raysolar solar empowerment course

emPOWER Your Future & Become Energy Independent

Solar emPOWERment Course Description

Our mission is to make renewable energy easy for you! It sounds scary, but we’ll be beside you every step of the way. There are limitless ways to power your life and Earth cleanly, which you’ll discover during class.


After this course, you will:

  • Have a solid understanding of PV systems and their function
  • Have the ability to assess and determine your power needs
  • Become familiar with solar system components and safely install them
  • Belong to a green community who share your passion for DIY renewable energy projects Solar Power Installation Made Easy!

Solar Power Installation Made Easy!

Course Overview

A daylong hands-on intensive covering the following:

  • Introduction to photovoltaic (PV) power theory & systems
  • Education about PV power system components & function
  • Hands-on training with real components to gain familiarity
  • Proper communication with solar professionals for guidance
    • When you register, you will receive an information pack to review prior to attending the course. This reading is mandatory, as it will present concepts that are fundamental to maximize the value you receive from the course.
    • The course focuses on active participation while ensuring thorough coverage of critical concepts to solar power and PV system safety, service and set-up.
    • Our course is flexible and works with your group’s learning style, but the core material remains the same. This ensures a tailored path to emPOWER your future with ease and confidence. Is your stomach growling from excitement? You will get two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute lunch break, too! We care about your health, so if you have special dietary requirements, please let us know when you register.
    • You’ll have multiple Q&A sessions throughout the day, as well as recaps of presented material to make sure you fully understand what you have learned. We will give you a course binder containing useful resources at the end of the day along with your certificate of completion

    That’s not all…..

    You will get special “emPOWERment Discounts” on products you buy from Raysolar, saving you up to 10% on your components. That’s a huge saving on top of the money you will save from not having to pay someone to manage or install your project!

    With a powerful arsenal of knowledge and skills, plus discounts on industry leading components, your renewable energy project WILL become a reality in 2023!

    Register for the Raysolar Solar emPOWERment Course Now!

    The duration of the presentation is expected to be a single eight hour session with a lunch break, commonly held on a weekday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. In-person sessions may be available to be held at Raysolar in Winnipeg, MB or Kenora, ON and online sessions will be conducted via video conference.

    DISCLAIMER: *NO regulatory body recognizes your certificate and does not permit you to perform work requiring a licensed electrician. Please refer to the current version of the electrical code and all local regulations. Do not perform work that you are unsure of, and seek the assistance of professionals when required.