Project Overview

This system is installed on a year round cottage in Kenora, Ontario Canada. This system uses 3 x 30 (Heat Pipe) S-Power Vacuum Tube Collectors to preheat the domestic hot water, as well as, supplying heat for the space heating system with a boiler as a back-up. This system has a 3-way valve configuration to switch from winter to summer option to maximize performance. The preheated water is stored in a Enerworks Stainless Steel Super Solar Combi Tank with upper (space heating) and lower (solar) heat exchange coils. The solar heated water is then feed into the  on-demand heater for back-up for cloudy days. Check out the real live feed of the system below.


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Existing hydronic manifold combined with modern manifold.



30 tube collector being assembled. Aluminum & stainless steel construction. *Notice square flashing at base of support to ensure perfect weather tight seal on the roof.