What is solar thermal heating?

Solar thermal systems use the sun to heat to air with the use of some form of heat exchanger. This also includes categories of products that heat hot water that can be used to preheat water for use inside the building, or to provide passive heating by circulating...

What is a System Control Panel (SCP)?

A system control panel is a remote display panel for Schneider Conext Systems that can be mounted in a convenient location inside your home for easy monitoring of your solar PV system details.

What is Auto Generator Start (AGS)?

AGS or Automatic Generator Start is a device that senses when the batteries are below a certain state of charge, and it will automatically start the generator to initiate charging if necessary.

Do I need/want a generator with my off grid system?

A Generator is useful to have for Off-Grid systems to act as a backup in case of long lasting bad weather. Generators are an important consideration for any off-grid solar PV system, not only as a backup power source but also as a tool for proper system maintenance...