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Refer a Friend And Earn CASH!

Would you like to earn money just for telling your friends about a great product that you love?

It’s really just THAT simple!

If you previously bought a GenerLink, or you are finalizing your order, Just give us the First and Last name of a friend or family member who will be coming to buy a GenerLink and we will give you $50 for every referral who finalizes their sale!

Some Conditions Do Apply!

All GenerLink sales to end users only will qualify for a $50 referral award
The award will be Given to all current customers who refer a new customer who purchases and completes a transaction for a GenerLink in February. This also includes special orders that are processed before the end of February and a deposit has been secured as per our policy
All you have to do is email or speak to any representative, the first and last name of the referral -Prior- to completing the transaction with the referral. Referral checks, e-transfer or a credit to your account will be sent out within 2 weeks of the completed referral transaction

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