Net Metering specifically applies to grid-tied solar PV systems, and measures the amount of energy produced against the amount of energy you use. Solar PV systems offset your energy usage by using energy produced from the Sun, rather than using energy purchased from the electricity grid. Excess energy produced during the day will provide the homeowner with a form of energy-credit that can be used at a later time. Lower your electricity costs while protecting the environment. Ask us about how net-metering works with your local energy provider for more information. Net metering is a program offered in certain locations around the world to allow individuals who generate some or all of their own electricity to export a measured amount of energy (kWh) to the power grid, and then use the equivalent energy at a later date via an energy credit. Net metering agreements allow for grid-tied PV systems to effectively recoup their initial cost through a form of payback via displacing energy consumption with energy production.