Hedge your energy costs: Offset energy prices and the unpredictable energy-rate increases by generating your own clean power. With the demand for electricity ever increasing, and the viability of generating power from coal (and other GHG emitting sources) decreasing, the cost of electricity is only expected to rise more quickly than ever! Solar PV will save you money! Reduce your Carbon Footprint: Electricity generated by burning coal and fossil fuels emits pollutants into the atmosphere. Solar PV energy is the solution. Contribute to a greener and brighter future by generating clean and renewable energy at home! Reliable Power: Solar systems generate power for decades and are backed by warranties to protect your investment. You may also consider battery back-up for your home in the event of a power outage. Increased Property Value: Solar is a smart upgrade that increases the value of your home.If these benefits make sense to you, it’s time to go green!